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MusicPlay for Teachers provides a simple and effective way to integrate MusicPlay into your daily activities, which nurtures children’s emotional, social and cognitive development.

As a MusicPlay Member you will be able to create a lesson plan and gather your resources in less than a minute!

MusicPlay for Teachers creates a joyful environment in which children thrive.

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MusicPlay Modules include:

  • A MusicPlay curriculum so you spend less time planning and more time teaching.
  • Original age appropriate music written by a Registered Music Teacher specialising in NZ Early Childhood Music so your tamariki are having fun whilst learning and developing.
  • Access to over 50 songs to keep both teachers and children inspired and engaged.
  • Ideas to incorporate MusicPlay into daily activities, so music becomes woven into your day.
  • When you sing and play you feel happy and your brain lights up with learnings!
  • Online access to MusicPlay Curriculum and music resources, with instant lesson plans, so you can easily roll out the MusicPlay fun!
  • MusicPlay Professional Development!  Every module includes a professional development workshop presented by our founder, Lisa Tregenza, a registered music teacher and early childhood music specialist.
  • Our members tell us that the professional development videos and the ability to watch the training online is incredibly supportive and their favourite part of the MusicPlay Member Modules.

The MusicPlay Membership gives you the opportunity to invest in a program your tamariki will love and that supports your own professional development.


Access Your Free MusicPlay Membership Now!