What if Music Sessions Were Easier?


MusicPlay Professional Development

MusicPlay for Teachers is a professional development resource and online library
of age appropriate, original songs, music, lyrics and lesson plans for teachers at Early Childhood Centres and schools.

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As a teacher within Early Childhood, you are invited to claim your free MusicPlay Membership.  You’ll get access to a lesson plan, song and music files as well as lyrics and ideas for how to use the song in your MusicPlay class.

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Are you stuck for ideas for your music program at your Early Childhood Centre?

Do you want to be inspired with new musical activities and excite your tamariki?

Would you like to have a done-for-you music program, so you can spend less time planning and more time with your children?

Imagine creating a lesson plan and gathering your resources in less than a minute!

That is possible with MusicPlay for Teachers.


Research tells us singing with your child is the most effective activity you can do to connect, engage and promote brain development.

MusicPlay for Teachers has been designed for babies to ten year olds, by Lisa Tregenza, a New Zealand Early Childhood Music Specialist and mum of a 13 year old daughter and 11 year old twin boys.

The MusicPlay Professional Development program has been developed specifically for Schools and Early Childhood Centres like yours, to inspire and grow you as a teacher, as well as your children.

The purpose of the MusicPlay for Teachers program is to provide a simple and effective way to integrate MusicPlay into your daily activities, which nurtures children’s emotional, social and cognitive development.

MusicPlay for Teachers is Simple, Easy and Fun!

Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum goals are woven into the Little MusicPlay lesson plans. Lessons include original songs, instruction and activities.  Written specifically to bring musical joy and learning to children’s play.

The MusicPlay program is already being used in Schools and Early Childhood Centres across New Zealand and beyond.  Teachers delivering the program talk about the children being happy and engaged – singing the new songs during play.  So delightful!

Some of the things members say they love about MusicPlay for Teachers:

  1. The large library of original songs, written by an early childhood music specialist.
  2. Professional Development MusicPlay workshops that support the class plan / module.
  3. Workshops have been created by Lisa Tregenza – a nationally recognised early childhood music specialist.
  4. The insights and ideas shared enhance MusicPlay engagement for staff and tamariki.
  5. The Professional Development workshop videos are on the website so you can watch when it suits you.
  6. The song library of new original material can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet.
  7. Print the lyrics and listen to the songs, both sung and instrumental.
  8. Many instrumental songs (without lyrics) allow children to express their creativity.
  9. The lesson/class plan has already been created and tested with the resources collated.
  10. Te Whariki Curriculum strands are woven throughout the resources.
  11. It is an online resource so can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.