Little Arpeggios Early Childhood Music classes are a live, interactive, musical experience, incorporating a wide variety of instruments and music genre, with a focus on the sung voice, body percussion, improvisation, musicplay and creativity.

The classes are designed specifically for babies and preschoolers through to five year old children along with the parents to teach musical elements, as well as different languages and early mathematical concepts.

The program weaves Te Whariki and the Early Childhood Curriculum through it, with specific learning outcomes from each class, using original NZ music written specifically for the children. The Little Arpeggios Musicplay classes are fun, interactive and provide numerous ideas for you to play musically with your children at home.

Our Story

Little Arpeggios was born from an ongoing passion for music combined with the birth of the founder’s first child. Lisa Tregenza (founder) has an extensive background in music and when her first child (of three) was on its way it was second nature to play music to her while pregnant.

They listened to Mozart or Bach at night and it was a lovely night time ritual. At the birth Mozart was playing and then music continued to be used everyday with her daughter.

Sometimes it was a quiet song to get her off to sleep, sometimes it was a song to energise her and have some fun, sometimes it involved dancing around the room making up silly songs to entertain her, or to put energy into the nighttime routine when overtired. Her daughter’s love of music developed and she responded to it very early on.

This inspired Lisa to continue what had come as second nature to her and to do it in a more deliberate and conscious way, as well as taking the time to understand the science behind it. Lisa decided to further her musical study and worked towards a Diploma in Early Childhood Music.

Along the way some inspirational people have crossed paths and the moving stories of how music has helped so many children encouraged her even more.

It was at this point that Lisa spoke to other mothers who were looking for something different in their area of town. They wanted to learn to play with their children in a musical way, in a fun, supportive environment, with other like minded parents. And Little Arpeggios Musicplay was born.

Little Arpeggios Team

Since the launch of Little Arpeggios others have joined the team – they too have seen how beneficial music is for children and want to spread their love of music further in their community.

Lisa Tregenza has a varied and diverse background in music and business and is the founder of Little Arpeggios Musicplay. She has a beautiful daughter and adorable twin boys who all share a love of music.

Tieta Soewarto is a classical music enthusiast who has been playing piano since she was 4 years old.  She experienced early childhood music education herself and believes that music has had a great positive impact on her own personal development.  With her passion of sharing the joy of music, she dreams about making the world a better place through early childhood music education.  She has been teaching music to little children since 2012 in private piano and singing lessons. Other instruments that she plays include the oboe, violin and ukulele.