Nurturing Emotional, Social & Cognitive Development
Through Music, Movement & Mindfulness

TEACHERS – Are you stuck for ideas for your music program at your School or Early Childhood Centre?

MUSICPLAY FOR TEACHERS is a Professional Development resource and online library of age appropriate, original songs, music, lyrics and lesson plans for schools and early childhood centres.

Do you want to combine music and maths? Music and literacy? Music and enquiry? Lisa Tregenza – our Founder and Early Childhood Music Specialist – has done the work for you – written and designed tried and tested class plans and songs that resonate with both children and teachers alike.

MusicPlay for Teachers

PARENTS – The Little MusicPlay philosophy is focused on providing you – the parent, grandparent, caregiver –  as your child’s first teacher, new songs and resources to inspire, encourage and guide you to play musically with your child.  

The emphasis is not on providing screen time entertainment for your child but an interactive experience for you and your child.  The concept was born out of the knowledge that your presence is far greater than any present.

MusicPlay at Home

"The Little Arpeggios Musicplay class is a really friendly and fun environment. My daughter adores it and all the fantastic musical activities! I would highly recommend signing up! "

− Carolyn Gardener and Hazel (one year old)

"Little Arpeggios Musicplay provided stimulating and engaging enjoyment for my active little boy. It peaked his interest in music and was easily one of his favorite weekly activities."

− Brooke Stepanek and Wilson (two years old)

"During the Little Arpeggios class I noticed how engaged William was with the music. He shook his maraca to the beat and had a smile on his face the whole time!"

− Catherine and William (one year old)